Forza 7 forgets keybindings every time the game starts up.

I’ve had this happen twice now. I have everything the same as defaults except the clutch is A while keeping shift up and down as X and B. This used to be a normal key binding layout in previous Forza games. What happens is the handbrake gets reset to the default A button so when I start racing and go to shift gears I end up grabbing the handbrake then jam the transmission when changing gears.

I shouldn’t need to go reset my key bindings every time I start this game up.

I’ve noticed something different but similar.

I prefer cockpit view. Sometimes a race will start with the car in chase view, so I press the right shoulder button to change the view, but instead of doing this, it looks back.

The default change view button is the ‘back’ button (or whatever it’s called on the Xbox One controller) but I’m used to the aforementioned, so I remapped it manually. Sometimes it ‘forgets’ I’ve done this. Very strange.