What happened to the series? Where is love?

First, look at this analysis below, Digital Foundry (right click, open new tab)

Now let’s get to the points:
1- Did you notice how F7 is dark? no brightness Who was the team in charge of the game lighting? They failed!

2- If they watched the video they realized how the forza modeling is bad?
They noticed how they lack details on the panels, knobs, interior and exterior, GT Sport gives a beating in F7, sad!

3- Who had this ridiculous idea of tier? We, who love cars, like to see the brands / manufacturers organized, get into them and get our cars, just that. Not to mention the fact that you can not prepare your car to run…

4- What did they do with the VIP? He’s always been infinite and now it’s this clowning, what did you do Turn 10? give some boring cars as a gift does not solve, we want to earn double to buy what we feel like.

5-(AGAIN) And the graphics, again, the graphics, that deception Turn 10, even with everything in ULTRA the game is a disappointment, dark, dull, colorless, sad …

6- Rain and more rain, we are in a deluge in F7, it rains a lot, a lot, it is horrible because it gets dark, the lanterns light but do not light the track, I feel in NFS 1 …

7- LIGHTS, WHERE IS LIGHTING? THE LIGHTS, in the rains the headlights of the cars do not light the floor, I feel in an MS-DOS game, FAIL TURN 10! In the tunnels of the game (you love it) we can not see anything so much DARKNESS!

8- Forza 7 is better in sound and gameplay, textures of tracks, JUST THAT.

I played forza for years, I always bought the VIP, I have more than one account, but I’m definitely VERY disappointed, I feel cheated, I paid dearly in the VIP for a mediocre game, TURN 10, you need to change all the points mentioned above, we want new lighting , a clear game, brilliant as GTS, better modeling of cars because F7 is a GARBAGE (see AMGs), I feel cheated and stolen, this may be my last Forza … sadness.

Turn 10, the team of this particular game, will lose their hand.

PS: I RESPECT ALL THE OPINIONS DIFFERENT FROM ME, here I just put my point of disappointment and feeling that I was deceived.

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bored of GT Sport already, yes GT Sport looks pretty, but that’s all.


I don’t know if you’ve never paid attention to the GT series, but it’s always looked better than Forza.
Better car models, better size scaling, much better lighting, etc… It’s nothing new.

Forza looks great, but GTS looks real. Although I do appreciate the effects Forza has at certain points with weather, it’s also very jarring. You drive from one side of the track which will be dark and ominous with fog, and get to the other side which looks like a mildly overcast day. Then if you are on the dark gloomy side of the track and it starts raining or storming, the gloominess immediately disappears and is just replaced by rain.
There is something wrong with the weather effects in game and I hope they fix it.

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Gt sport doesn’t have a quarter of the amount of cars forza has, of course they are going to be slightly more detailed, if they were not, that would be embarrassing for sony

Also, i watched the video, the track floor details look better on forza, and you can see how gash the real time lighting makes the trees look, forzas are more pleasing to the eye when you are zipping past them.

You also forgot to mention gt sport is not locked 60fps, it drops in the 40’s on ps4, and it even drops frames on the pro, and is not true 4k

Also, gt sport is awful, trust me, ive been playing it, the ffb and physics feel ten years old, even with forzas ffb issues
It ruins gt sport on a wheel.

Forza is a far better racing title imo


man, it’s no use having 700 badly organized cars in damn tier, 700 badly detailed cars, I believe that if you do need to do RIGHT.

Resolution is not EVERYTHING, it becomes VERY FUNNY the game running in 4K and not support SLI / CF …

The tracks of F7 are better, I agree although I do not like some tracks tied, the sound is better also, perhaps the gameplay, but they lack graphics, details, thing WELL DONE.

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As we learned with previous Gran Turismos and now Forza, more isn’t necessarily better.


How are they badly detailed? Because they’re of slightly less quality than a title containing not even 200 cars? How many racing titles out there have better car models than F7?

Maybe im getting old, but to me f7 is stunning, the car models, the tracks, its a beautiful title

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A better comparison would be GTS vs. PC2 because looking at GTS they absolutely wanted to emulate PC instead of the formula that brought them success. I played GT1 and 2 back in the day and the vision they have now is nothing like it was. GTS might have nicer graphics but PC2 and FM7 both look great as well. In a head to head feature for feature battle, PC2 crushes GTS in nearly every category. From what I’ve seen the actual track experience is also better in FM7. Only six real world tracks. Get outta here with that.



I dont even think it has 6 real world tracks, its shocking. I also playrd gt since day one, still have all my games, including the ‘scratch and sniff burning rubber’ gt2 lol, gt sport has bent over backwards to please the FIA, its a glorified demo.

And i fully agree, gts has tried to emulate pcars and failed miserably, pcars 2 is the single best racing experience available. The time of day options, track count, audio, ffb and physics, its amazing.

But, if you are simply a car nut, forza is the best option by far, ruins gt sport, and actually feels far better on a wheel

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The online model is all an iRacing clone, I believe, and it’s also worse.

Can’t help but think GTS is the result of Kaz having an extremely, unrealistically high opinion of his creation and his “vision”.

Forget Forza Motorsport 7, Gran Turismo Sport is not even better than Forza Motorsport 5.


static cam

always online

bad engine sounds

wonky physics

no thanks i’ll pass

also, how long did it take you to come up with that title, it’s original


In my opinion, FM7 and GT Sport are both disappointing (for various reasons)

I never thought I wouldn’t be buying a GT or Forza title, but I guess times change.

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I`d probably agree that GT tends to look better, certainly in replays, but I thought this DF video was a bit off.

It seemed a bit like they compared GT at its best with Forza at its worst.
E.g. there was no comparison of city tracks. Prague and Rio look miles better than the rather ugly city track on GT.
Also no mentioning of the horrible (bugged?) windshield reflections on GT.
And I am not really convinced the photomode car-models are identical to the gameplay models, but even if they were, the details mentioned wouldnt be visible. Imo GT can outshine Forza, but the visual quality is less consistant. That said, GTs lighting and replays are miles ahead no doubt.

Either way, in the end its just rediculously small differences in graphics, theres more important stuff, for instance having a singleplayer mode :confused:

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I noticed that too, almost like they’re doing a bit of damage control with sony.

No mention of the awful windscreen reflections, nor the fact that gt sport drops to sub 40fps…

It’s all about gameplay, and as you quoted in number 8 forza is better?