Forza 7 - appeal

Good Morning,
i’ll write this email for made an appeal to a sanction that i got on Forza 7 game.
I’ve always play honestly, starting from preorder of ultimate edition, playing so much time (over 48 hours) and completed forza 7 cup (not yet on elite). I collect also almost all car in game, except few.
Then, a day, for evalution only and not for cheating i’ve tried a money trainer. I got an immediate message from F10 developer that block my auction and then my suspension is still active until 2048.
Now, i’ve read your code of conduct and for a violations like mine there is a warning considering that was my first, and only, violations.

Then i appeal. I don’t want to ruin in game market or other. it’s only a evaluation. Considering that i have also on my balance almos 300 milions. And i have never cheated in singleplayer or on myltiplayer.

I really appreaciate your works, i’ve already bought Forza Horizon 4 ultimate edition. This only for let you know how much i appreciate what do you do for pc gaming.


Daniele Gobbo

You can open a ticket on the support website.

Hi may you help me? i cannot open a ticket and i dont know why
thank you