Forza 6=Worst FM Title yet

No clubs, No user created lobbies, high possibility that the car list will be FH2’s+DLC with the new fords and maybe a few others? Turn 10, I want to love FM6, but you’re making it really hard…


There are unconfirmed reports that MS servers on Xbox One do not allow for user created searchable lobbies. This is backed up by circumstantial evidence that no xbox one game that uses MS servers have searchable lobbies.

The only games that do and have something close to auctions are EA games.

Take up that issue with MS and get in line behind the PCars devs.

There will be 450 cars at launch including new racing cars so not sure where your assumption comes from.

Maybe wait until you see the final car list before judging.


Man if anything this is the BEST forza yet, even with lacking features. Not everybody plays online my self included, and dlc allows the game to be profitable and peope get to keep their jobs and feed their families. You gotta look at the big picture not just nit-pick at what someone doesnt like.


I hope you are being sarcastic.


Why? Which part was inaccurate?

The part about “best” is subjective but FM6 does bring massive improvements over previous titles, like having the most advanced physics in the series, the second-largest car list in the series, more sophisticated AI than any entry in the series, better graphics than any entry in the series, 50% more cars on track than FM5, double the cars on track in FM4, and triple the cars on track in FM3, night, and rain complete with more sophisticated standing water than most if not all console racers to date.

He’s right about not all players playing online, though I’m not sure what that was meant to add.

DLC actually is financially important to game developers. Joe Gamer doesn’t understand the economics of game development but the majority of games fail to recover their development expenses and even profitable games usually don’t make massive fortunes. If you buy a new game for $60, that’s not $60 to the developer, but rather around $15 or $20. Used game sales put $0 into the developer’s bank. If a game sells a million units at $60 each, all new, that’s usually $15 to $20 million to the developer, but games cost more than that to make; often several times that.

You realize that Forza 2 through 4 have been the same way in terms of adding new cars. As for auction house, while it was a neat feature, it turned into a way for modders to transfer money to other players, and was generally unused among most of the player base.

Whats to complain about with 450 cars, 26 locations, night, rain, etc etc? FM4 will probably remain a peak game in the franchise for a while, and you can’t say 6 will be a the worst because they don’t have user created lobbies.


OP, why don’t you wait until the game’s released and then pass on opinions?

I’d recommend focusing on the game’s strengths and commend it for what it HAS achieved over the years.

Alternatively, if it still disappoints you, you could always NOT buy it.

Just my 2.


Too early to tell.