Forza 6 Tire Wall Physics

I see that the tire walls can be destroyed in gameplay footage I have seen. Do the tires remain a physical thing in the game after they have been knocked over? I was wondering if when the tires get knocked into the road if you can actually hit them/be slowed by them in the game.

I believe there is an achievement for knocking them all over.

I don’t mean to be rude, but that’s not anything close to what OP was asking…

From what I have seen the tires can roll or be hit onto the track, but for some reason I can’t recall if the tire remained on the track (maybe was just hit off by the other cars) when I drove through the same area on the track.

Either way, I think it wouldn’t help to answer this just off of demo experience right now, because I always like to belive the demo is always a dumbed down version of the game. Less graphics, physics, persistance, etc.

My guess is that they are obstacles for a short period of time but eventually disappear.

You can guess what could happen if the tires become permanent obstacles . . . say certain drivers trolling others by knocking all the tires off . . .

cones remain until they are hit off I believe. I would guess it is the same for tires in fm6

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Im not sure but wouldnt a tire in the road do alot more harm than a cone? lol

I hit the tires a few times during the Ford GT Rio Rivals event. A loose tire on the road didn’t seem to have any more weight to it than hitting a cone.