Forza 6 Time attack League

Looking to setup a Global time attack,redline time attack,CSCS,WTAC style FM6 Time Attack league, with Street,limited and unlimted style of classing. I’ll see how much interest i get before i setup more, but it would be based on a point system, First Place 100 ,Second Place 90,Third Place 80, Fourth Place 70, Fifth Place 60 and Participation 20 etc.

Would like to start round one shortly after worldwide release date and do up to 8 rounds at GP tracks & short track layouts. with 20 min open session to test and tune, and then onto timed lapping session.

Street ( No tire upgrade,no areo)
Limited( up to Sport tires, areo allowed)
unlimited ( Race tires,areo & all other upgrades allowed) Classes TBA.



How would this work then?

Would everyone go in a lobby together or would they need to submit their time with proof?

Doesn’t seem to be much interest,. Not going to start that is. Going to look for league to join.

Naw do it! I was looking to join one but figured I should just start one. Let me know if you’re interested and we can talk about it! I also have an extra domain name and stuff so we could get an official website etc etc etc. Add me or shoot me an e-mail - [Mod Edit - D]

Hey, did you guys start a league, or was that idea scrapped?