Forza 6 Test Drive

How do you finish the test drive on Forza 6?

If your on about the start of the game, you have to complete the races until you have the option to quit. About three in total if i remember correctly.

If you are referring to testing a car on any track, which allows you to tune the car from the pause menu without having to quit out completely(the entire purpose of this test drive mode), when you are ready to leave, you hit pause and quit out (I think the option says finish race or quit race, something like that) Same way you quit out of rivals mode.

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TEST DRIVE never ends!!!

It is infinite laps.

No. But I love the accesibility of test drive from tuning or upgrades, and it takes you right back when done. Lovely touch.

What if the OP has been in test drive mode for the last 24 hours doing lap after lap hoping it will eventually come to an end…