Forza 6 servers down??

I can check when I get home in about 3 hours

Down for me too! FM5 & 7 are ok.

Is 5 OK? 5 was completely dead for me 3 months ago. Only some special rivals like the Van one worked.

Down for me too!

I check just now and leaderboards work fine for me? I checked various combinations and leaderboards showed up on all.

I’m in EU

Leaderboards came back for me around 9pm but still unable to download paints. I don’t download tunes but I checked anyway and tunes are unavailable also.

I’m EU too, UK to be specific.

Aaaaaand leaderboards keep going down for me again tonight. Time to put FM6 on the dusty shelf… alongside FM7.

I’m very disappointed that I can no longer get my racing fix from Forza Motorsport.

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I tried playing recently for the first time in a while. I can’t download tunes or find designs. Is this a known issue? Do I need to reinstall?

Dont reinstall it, we all have this issue and it seems that the servers are not working for paints and tunes. i dont know if Turn 10 will fix this issue since this game is kinda old now, but i really hope they do fix it.

FM6 completely down, does anyone know anything about it? will they stay down or is it just for a short time?

FM6 multiplayer has been down for a couple days now :cry:


FM6 has been down for me for a few days now. Really frustrating to not see Turn 10 post an update at least acknowledging that the servers are having difficulties.

Servers have been down for me now, about 7 days. No inbox messages about drivatar rewards, no league racing, logging into multiplayer gives me “forza motorsport servers are not available at this time” and no lap times for tracks. What’s going on?

I too get the message that the Forza motorsport servers are not available at this time :frowning:
West europe.

Did they took it offline already?..

They better not have. Forza 6 is so much better than 7, and with no Forza 8 in the near future, Forza 6 is all we got. Heck I even dusted off FM4 a while ago. Forgot how good the older games are.


This is getting quite annoying. I don’t create vinyl groups in FM7 because the game crashes from time to time when I do, so instead I’ve designed in FM6 since FM7 arrived. Now all the download/likes statistics are gone in FM6, and I don’t know if anything I design there will be importable to FM7.

Turn 10 - fix this!

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What pisses me off most about this is that Turn 10 won’t even acknowledge that the servers are down. They could at least make a statement saying “Hey we’re shutting down the FM6 servers because reasons” or “We are aware of the server outage and we will get them back up ASAP” or something like that. But no, all turn 10 cares about right now if Forza Horizon 4 and Motorsport 7. A real shame too. I won’t claim to speak for anyone but myself but I don’t like the Horizon series and FM7 sucks. I’d honestly say that FM7 is even worse than FM5. I’d be ok with this if we were actually getting an FM8 this year…

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You speak for me too! After the VIP fiasco of FM7 (not a huge deal, just the principle of what T10 tried to do…) and the unfinished state of FM7 on release, I had no plans of getting FM8 until at least 6 months after release, so I (and many others I wager) need a FM to keep them going until at least early 2021… I keep jumping back onto FM7 after each update, HOPING they’ve fixed even the minor bugs like the damn lag in the car selection screen but all they do is add stuff to attract kids. Now they’re not even maintaining it after August! It’s clear that Horizons is their favourite child and they don’t care about their other kids.

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The server is still down “Sweden”