Forza 6 rewards already says I unlocked 50 badges? Only played 20 races

Forza 6 rewards already says I unlocked 50 badges? Only played maybe 25 or so races, and am driver level 8 with 155 miles driven. Anyone else notice that? And paid DLC still shows 0, when us ultimate buyers already basically bought 5 DLC’s. I bet it will fix itself sooner or later, but the badge part is indeed odd.

You can see your badges in your profile - how many are actually unlocked? I would think it counts Bronze and Silver as two for the same badge, but 50 does seem unlikely. Maybe they accidentally set it to count the unlocked national flags.

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Unlocked 9. Not 50. So it has to be the national flags being counted by accident is my guess.

Pretty sure it is the country flags.

oh well, easiest points ever :smiley:

I’ve only completed the first 3 races and have 50 badges unlocked! Crazy!

Badges are ranked bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Get a lot of sales on paints and tunes etc then youll attain the platinum rank quickly meaning 4 badges unlocked

The showcase criteria seems broken as well. It’s displaying me as having completed 20 showcases, when in reality I’ve done 4 or 5 I think.

Yup, we’re still tweaking a couple of things in Forza Rewards. Your DLC should show up soon – working on it. :slight_smile: Thanks for your patience and hope you’re enjoying the new game.

Sure hope so :slight_smile: cause I got the ultimate edition and for now it still shows 0 out of 5 dlc owned but I’m patient!

Yup, noticed the same. I raced no more than 10.

Just looked at mine and initially it said I unlocked all 50 now it says I’ve only unlocked 9. Must have been a glitch.

Preordered the Ultimate edition. I created a spreadsheet of all the cars I should have received only because in past games there have been many issues with getting the DLC cars that you’re supposed to get a launch. Well low and behold, no issues this time. I received all 38 cars I was supposed to receive.

Well done T10 on a perfect pre-order launch!