Forza 6 Racing Demo Question (Spin Wheel)

Hello, I had a quick question I’d like to get out of my hands. I wanted to try out Forza 6 so I downloaded the demo and tried it, it’s super amazing one of the best racing games I have ever played. It’s beyond just racing. Anyways I am very happy to purchase this item, but before I do I have a quick question. I completed the demo but in the spin wheel leveling up process I got 1 million point and a Bugatti Veyron (the best prizes you can get in the middle box). If I buy the game will I still have those items? What if I buy a physical copy of the game? Will I still get my Bugatti Veyron and points?

NO YOU DONT KEEP them from the demo, but to do keep the ones you get in the full version game after you shut down.

Aww that’s disappointing,
thank you

I wouldn’t worry too much - those spins come up just as easily in the full game. There’s been a bit of chat here on the forums about how the first few spins in the full game seem to be heavily weighted in favor of new players.

After the December content update it seems as if ALL spins are weighted in the players favor now… not that I am complaining :wink: