Forza 6 is not for me. too many niggles make it too difficult

So I’ve played Forza 6 for a few hours now and in all honesty I am far from impressed. It’s too much like Forza 4 but with better graphics and a change of menu layout.
The game is too difficult and a quick look around the internet many people have similar thoughts to me.
I’m not going around all the threads posting in each one individually so will just list all my thoughts here. So in no particular order…

(1) Starting from the middle of the grid all the time and it seems this will not change. Me I want to start at the front and disappear into the distance never to be seen again.
In order to make it to the front I’ve got to be a bully and batter the other cars out the way meaning that damage is set to Cosmetic lowering the difficulty percentage and making the game generally more boring. I have neither the skill or the patience to thread my way past so many cars cleanly. Also that’s going to make the endurance races a boring walk in the park with never having to pit.
Forza 4 let you work your way to the front.

(2) So far just about all the cars I’ve driven want to over steer so I’m running with driver aids on when back in Forza 4 I didn’t need them until I got up to about “S” class rear wheel drive cars but in Forza 6 in “need” them on all the time. TCS is just about enough though and so far little need for ASM but i suspect by the time i get to the more hyper active cars I’ll need that too.

(3) Forza 4 had the function to turn off class limits allowing me to tune a car a little higher than the rest of the field. for example I could take an “A” class car into a “B” class race so that the car would be better tuned to suit my driving lowering the need to run with driver aids on in return giving bigger race rewards. So far I am far, far, from impressed with the class limits and tuning in Forza 6.
I can’t get my cars tuned to suit my driving in Forza 6 as i don’t have the wiggle room of Forza 4.

(4) Night time gets a bit too dark. We need iether better street/circuit lighting and/or the ability to add more lights to the car. In order to see some corners I have to use the Suggested Line to highlight breaking points so i can see some corners. I “never” had to use the Suggested Line on Forza 4.

(5) 24 cars on track is way, way, too crowded. half that would be more than enough.

All in all I just feel the game was built by serious coders and gamers for serious gamers and with little thought to casual gamers like myself.

For a game to be re-re-re playable it needs to be easy. Shoot my way through it and win to wait a while and start over again.
For example Grand Theft Auto 5. I’ve lost track how many times, and how many hours i’ve spent on that. It’s so easy and playable and enjoyable that i want to play it over and over again.
I’ll be lucky to make it thorugh Forza 6.
Wish I’d saved the money and not bothered getting the game but i’ve got it now so i’d be as well playing it…just maybe not very often?
or not for very long at a time making the completion of Endurance races highly unlikely… i saw some where that somebody took 3 hours to complete one of those…fat freaking chances I’ll be sitting that long at it!

Rant over for now and if i can think of any more to say I’ll post them here.

Thank you for your input.