Forza 6 Europe Release date / time


've pre-ordered Forza 6. and since today is the day it would be available troughout EU. i’m wondering on what time it will be available.
At this current moment the game still wont boot. I’m living in the Netherlands.

Any idea’s?

Thats strange, it should be playable at least from 12:00 am. I know that Xbox live is having some problems atm and maybe it has something to do with that. But you should be playing allready!

What happens when you try to launch the game? I had a problem where I got the title screen for a few seconds then got taken back to the Xbox dashboard if that’s what happens to you I fixed mine by deleting the game file (uninstall) then reinstalling it. If you have the deluxe edition dont uninstall the extra parts (VIP & the cars) just uninstall the game file - if this is your problem I hope this helps if not hopefully you can be more clear about your issue

Are you clicking on the placeholder file?

There are two files. A placeholder file and the game file. The difference is the picture.

If you had set a pin on your xbox after preordering, that pin doesn’t work. Go to your my games and apps and try to play the game there. You’ll notice that the game picture is slightly different.

There’s a great write up from T10 about this but can’t remember where I saw it.

I´m playing Forza 6 no problems in the Netherlands.