Forza 6 DLC Error

I have the ultimate edition of the game. It works fine, but the carpass and Mazda mx5 DLCs download to 100% then it says Installation Stopped. Is this happening for anyone else, It’s really annoying, even if i don’t restart the download, the message will continue to popup every 5 minutes. If anyone has a solution for this that would be extremely helpful. Thankyou.

I got the same issue with the Mazda and 10 year car pack. I go to manage game and it also says that the car pass and VIP are updating but everything looks to be working in game because I have all the cars in my garage and can autovista them as well. I am unsure if uninstalling the items will fix it or not.

I noticed it won’t show the Mazda as downloaded but it is available for me to get free ingame so it must have downloaded.