Forza 6 Best car to stance

I made a post on the Forza Horizon 2 discussions but now I’ve got Forza 6 I would like to know which car would be the best to stance on Forza 6

I get why someone would want to do that to a car in FH2.

I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why someone would want to do this in FM6.



Each to their own Scott

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There are none to ruin that I know of!!


I gotta ask. What is “stance”?

Isn’t stancing where you put a stupid amount of negative camber, such that the wheels look like the suspension’s collapsed??



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C’mon guys let him have his fun, at least it’s not a real car!

I’m not a big fan of ‘‘stancing’’ neither, but sometimes i like to take a car and drop the suspension like hell just for fun.

As for the initial question, i think the Golf MK3 is a great one to stance.


finally i know what the hell is wrong with those cars i see with the wheels all bent weird

That’s really funny man.
Totally off the subject, where would I go to race other people on forza6. I’m totally new to Xbox and gaming in general. Not real bad but not the greatest at all this stuff. Very new to the scene.

There’s a spot in car culture for everyone’s taste. To that end I do not know what cars are the best for stance, but I did do it to the limmo just for giggles the other day. And that was the first and last time I drove said limmo :wink: You can see the pic I too here: MyForza

I suppose the Mk2 Golf would be good for it.

Personally, I prefer this.

VDub’s are popular. Most any hot hatch if I had to guess?


None cars look best “stanced”


Everybody hating, we just call them fans though.

i’m sorry but yak’s “bro” pick looks like its made to race in a cereal bowl or ditch. why would you do that to a car?


Each to their own. I apologize for my taste not matching yours and rdo3, it’s my console not yours

Like I said ‘Everybody hating, we just call them fans though’

Datsun 510