Forza 6 Apex - can't unlock event?

This is my first post on the forum, so let me start by saying: hello, fellow Forza fans.

I have some kind of bug, maybe. I’ve just finished event number eight in Career Mode and went to race in event nine (Brand Hatch Battle), but even after scoring three gold medals in every past event it stays locked. I have 32 gold medals so far and description tells me to “win past event from this series”, even after I’ve completed it with all race conditions met. Does anyone have any idea how can I progress further in the game?

Thanks in advance for any kind of help.

you have unlocked any of the required cars?
They are the cars of wtcc, some are not labeled wttc, class S, race cars, year 2014, all names start by #
look in free play if you have any unlocked
otherwise you will have to play spotlight events to win more medals

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Thank you, that was the case. Somehow I’ve ovelooked it.

Brand Hatch unlocked, problem is solved.