'Forza 500' - 60's to 80's Stock Car Cup

Hey all! I’m Valkija, and I’m soon to be hosting my first organised race event: the Forza 500

This is a semi-casual but regulated stock car championship for FM7, taking place on the three speedway tracks in FM7. The first championship begins 18th of May with weekly races ending 22nd of June.
Drivers of all skill levels and hardware will be accepted into the tournament, provided they are willing to race fairly and are looking to have a good time!

Cars are restricted to A Class, picked from a car list curated from cars that ran the Daytona 500 from 1960 through to 1980. Experimentations with different tunes and upgrade setups is wholly encouraged to keep the races interesting and fresh.

This link here leads to our discord server! Discord is required to join the championship roster, and acceptance onto the roster is required to race on race-day!

I hope to see some people joining soon! This is the first championship of this kind I’ve hosted, and I hope to keep it long-running if interest is high. Thanks everybody for your time!