forza 5 vs GT6

I’ll never play forza again cos it sucks. No endurance races, no wet weather racing, no night racing,not enough racing tracks(it kinda gets boring) -NOTHING. it doesnt even come close to GT6 and GT6 is for PS3. Being a hardcore racing fan and a purist at heart, i find that there is nothing good about Forza and thats why ill never purchase it again, ever- compare the top end speed of those LMP’s in the real world to Forza-again NOTHING. No qualifying laps-NOTHING, if you are playing on professional there is no way to win a race in 2 laps which majority of the races are-again NOTHING. The thing is that I am waiting for GT7 for PS4- thats the only drawback. GRAN TURISMO ALL THE WAY-cos its the REAL and PROPER RACING SIMULATOR

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GT is far from a real “hardcore” racing sim. They’re all on PC.

As for no endurance racing - if you had any friends, you can do all the endurance racing you want. I’ve just finished a GT league. I chose 40(ish) minute races. Some of the chaps have just completed a 24hrs of nordschleiff. That’s quite endurancy. And both events had qualifying. But none of this matters, because your a purist hardcore kinda guy, so no doubt you’ll be flogging your PS3 to buy a PC and play purist hardcore kinda sims.

As for the tracks - I’ll give you that. But if you can’t beat Drivatards on professional in 2 laps, maybe you need to re-evaluate your skills, and tone down difficulty. Because your obviously not at professional standard.

Enjoy your “REAL and PROPER RACING SIMULATOR”. Proper Bo!!


gt6 doesnt have endurance races either unless you think 24 mins of le mans is ‘endurance’

gt6 has no damage model

thing is gt6 is still getting updates a year later, forza 5 not so much

everything has their ups and downs

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GT6 may have plenty of tracks, which is great, but the overall quality of said game is poor. Dreadful framerates, awful screen tearing, flicking shadows, very poor quality trackside detail on trees and foliage. No bonnet cam, rubberbanding. GT5 was way better than GT6. There is no comparison at all. PGR 3 had better visuals than GT6

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First things first I am shocked by your announcement. If you feel this way than keep it to your self. It may say I have been driving for only a year or two now but In fact I have been playing racing games since Gt4 came out! I made the transition to xbox in 2012 and was amazed at just how good forza is. When you first look at it gt is a better game but if you dig around a bit you will see that it is not. gt in my opinion focuses more on quantity not quality. Some models in gt6 look similar to those in gt4! There are a lot of tracks that have minor changes or reverse so that cuts the track list in half. The only thing I still like of gt is offroad! Needs to come to forza!

If you want a good solid racing game then wait for project cars that will probably be the best racing game to come out for a while . Forza shouldn’t have been released when is was but turn 10 didn’t have a choice Microsoft wanted the game as a release title and so it was . But when forza 6 comes out it should have all the content that forza 4 had hopefully.

Remember forza 5 is just a platform for forza 6

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Well i’m sure the people over at their forum would love to hear from you. If you have any constructive feed back you are welcome to share it.