Forza 5 Tracks!? Micro-transactions...A very disappointing Forza 5 Motorsport

I paid around $160 to play FM4, so I could see $160 again in FM5 maybe $200. And I plan on getting all the DLC for FM5.

do we really need another one of these threads?

yes you feel ripped off because you paid $60 - i technically could say i paid £460 to play FM5 as i was not bothered by the xbox one or any of its features really. i just wanted forza 5 and i have no complaints.

no theres no nurburgring - there was a million reviews online before the game was out that said the ring was not in the game. so you have no one to blame but yourself.

yes theres microtransactions - name one game nowadays that doesn’t have them and if they didn’t have them you would complain that T10 doesn’t care about the game and doesn’t support it. and most importantly as others have said its not like there mandatory.

Yes you do, you’re complaining right now.
Glad you’re happy with it buddy, shouldn’t you be off with Edge playing it instead of wasting your time on here having a pop at other who aren’t so happy? I would be.

[double post]

i wouldnt say i was complaining, i asked a question and made some points. but lets say i was complaining it would be a complaint about thread like this not the game.

if ya gonna try and be clever at least try being clever.

very frustrated with the mising MP features from FM4 NOT in FM5 - Simple things like split times not making the cut tells me that this game was rushed. Two money hungry car packs later and still no real update.

I say it every time - Shame on you T10.


It is a little scary that we are entering a world where products can be released unfinished. You pay for the product and then pay further for enhancements, over and over again. You wait for updates to patch the unfinished game, you ask and ask for things to be improved, question bugs, etc.

It’s no longer about hiring the best team to create and produce a product that is 100% (or as close to possible) finished, because we have “clouds” we can drop it and just finish later. As long as we get approval from the boss, we can relax. Keep a small team, just enough necessary to produce a mediocre product that we’ll see how far we can get before the userbase becomes impossible to ignore, than we’ll send ya an update. And here’s some special extra stuff you can buy off the top, you know since it’s easy to use CC and intsa-spend for stuff that we (have done our research) and know for a fact you want it. We know that after you spend for the game, you’re disconnected from the initial purchase and are more likely to spend an extra dollar or two. We have special testing and know when/how you spend money, and we know that you are becoming accustomed to unfinished products that we can finish later.

Oh and if you aren’t accustomed to it yet, there are people that defend us, and they will remind you. Welcome to the future o’ the ‘cloud’.