Forza 5 rewards not registering


Last night I purchased a bunch of tokens, it’s been about 24 hours, I see that my driver level and what not has changed on the hub, but it didn’t register the 1000 tokens I bought.

I honestly only bought them for the hub rewards thing as they’re pretty useless.

Can someone help me fix this.

The hub has given me nothing but issues in Forza Horizon 2, Forza 5, and Forza F&F. Even with things completed 100% it’s not 100% on the rewards page.

Nothing anyone can do to help you - it may just need a bit more time, or it is part of the issues the Rewards program is having. Plenty of other threads on the problems involved and all of them are waiting for T10 to find a fix.

The tokens updated, which actually shocked me. But the DLC I bought and other things haven’t.

I guess it takes some developers almost 2 years to fix things, according to the date of some of the forum posts… how can something so popular be so broken?