forza 5 on pc

hey guys
i have played forza 3 and 4 hardcore and enjoyed it allot on the xbox 360 now i have switched to pc and really miss the franchise i really really really want for forza 5 to come to pc i know that there are allot of other car fans that would love this to happen i know turn 10 is capable of bringing forza 5 to pc because they showed it off with directx 12 a few days ago
so let know your thoughts on forza 5 for pc :slight_smile:

P.S. turn 10 or microsoft studios if you read this please consider doing so!!! i would be sooooo happy :smiley:

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Have you seen this tech demo of Forza 5 ported to DirectX 12 on a PC?

Forza is a great franchise but y not try Iracing or something along those lines. Iracing is regarding as one of the best racing simulation games.

iRacing is a whole different experience though. Both would be great. Personally, I think FM5’s tire physics are better than iRacing’s at the moment.

Forzas an exclusive so i dont think they’d do it for the PC lol, and theres iracing which some say is better, and asseto corsa which looks awesome as well a few others, not sure if forza would be able to beat the rivals atm