forza needs a auction house the game is getting boring and im bored of just racing and looking at the cars i own i want to be able to sell them but not just sell them ,sell them to other people who play forza 5 people at turn 10 say they are listening and are making improvements for the players that utter lies they are purly just adding more and more over priced DLC cars that people buy to fit in im frankly bored of waiting and as well were is the marketplace i think they should stop with the dlc cars to focus on the more wanted and loved features missing from the other forzas ,yes its a good game but only for as little as 5 weeks then ur angry with the lack of great features!!!

Forza Motrsport 5 Game Features Wishlist

Click that, it’s a better place for this. Also, using the previous 3 titles as reference the “Marketplace” will be for DLC/Expansions, nothing at all to do with buying or selling cars between players.

I’m not usually one to harp on punctuation/grammar, but this is really hard to read.