Forza 5 is obsolite is it?

I’ve just been trying out my new G920 wheel on F5 and quickly noticed how much better the drivatars are compared to F6, no early braking, no ramming, no rubberbanding off into the distance, it really is the best AI ever made.

Maybe the F6 drivatars will get that good or even better once they have learnt from players?

I thought I read that the AI is not rubberbanding, but more so a faster Drivatar from the harder settings are getting pulled into the lower ones.

However, the AI in FM5 where always too slow. At least now, on unbeatable, I at least get somewhat of a race. They still do make odd mistakes, though, but hopefully that gets ironed out with time.

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Forza 5 is a superb game still, I play both 5 & 6.

Just wish my stats were updating when I play them both on the forza hub :frowning:

Just out of interest, why play Forza 5 when you have 6? Forza 6 basically has everything Forza 5 has and more.

What is your reason to keep playing 5? I even uninstalled it at this point to free up space.

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Its not just the AI that is better in F5, the handling is too, every race in f6 ends up being a demolition derby on every turn.

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Forza 6 is missing alot of my favorite cars, for example the the Stingray and ZL1. Even though they have newer models of the same body type of these kinds of cars, it takes a hardcore car lover to know what those cars are missing. Like how a true F1 fan knows why the E21 is superior to the E23.

Ditto. I even turned in FM5 to get a nice discount for FM6. I do regret doing this just sometimes when I see recurring issues and other issues that simply weren’t there in 5. Makes me feel like I’m waisting money.

I feel different. I think the drivatars on 6 are better with aggression turned off but the skill level turned up.

I’m still playing Forza 5, mostly to get some more achievements, but I’m still finding it fun and I love Forza 6.

I play FM5 for the sheer enjoyment of it, I still am playing forza horizon 1 + 2 just for the enjoyment of it(I still have my xbox 360) and I platy FM 6

Drivatars are more consistent in Forza 5 but I wouldn’t say they’re any less likely to crash you off the track. :stuck_out_tongue:

Try pro or unbeatable, they are pretty good.

And there will be better with time. Can nobody remember the drivators in fm5 the first month…there where horrible. I’m sure the driviator in fm6 will be the best. In fm5 the never tried to overtake or close the line. And if they keep all the xars from fm5 there where less room for new cars.

One way in that Forza 5 is superior though is that you can choose any race from any division once you’ve completed it. In Forza 6’s career though if you want to race a particular track with say, V8 Supercars, you have to play through the career division again just to get to that point.

There was me thinking that the Event List was a staple of the series.

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