Forza 5 Install question

I just bought a new disc copy of Forza 5 Game of the Year Edition and did not realize it is no longer available on xbox live. I installed it okay and it is at version
The question I have is were there any patches ever released for this game, and if so am I out of luck in getting these.or are they included in the GOTY edition The reason I ask is most other games notify me that there is an upgrade available when it starts to install, but not Forza 5 (unless no patches/updates were ever released) thanks

You don’t need to worry about patches.

It will install any patch needed as long as Xbox Live is online.

For both Xbox 360 and Xbox One. So it doesn’t matter if the game is from 2006 or 2013.

*As a matter of curiosity, there are some rare cases of games where the patch “broke” some achievements. And some people feel the need to delete the patch and play offline to get these. But don’t worry this didn’t happen with any Forza title. Codemaster’s GRID from 2008 is one example. Achievement requires player to use 45 cars, but there are only 44 in the game. The game was fixed to require 44, but a DLC broke the fix, so the achievement become unobtainable looking for 45 cars again. hehe funny isn’t it.

That explains why that one never unlocked when I played it a few years ago. I figured I’d just missed one out and couldn’t be bothered to go back through to find out which one. is the latest version of FM5.