Forza 5 Glitched and I'm not sure how to fix it

I went to play Forza for the first time in about a month and when the game opened it brought me to the brightness screen and made me start the game over. I still have my career save data but I’m not sure how to fix it. I tried playing on another xbox and reinstalling but neither has worked.

Can you explain what you mean by you still have your career save data?

Usually if it starts at that brightness screen it means your save is gone.

When I go into manage game from my xbox menu my xbox says I still have the save data with a size of 49MB

When a game syncs, even if it is starting from scratch it still creates a local save file.

Its possible you have hit the glitch that restarts the game from scratch nad it has created the local save with nothing in it.

Can you confirm that you are logged into the Gamertag profile that corresponds with the gamesave file?

Yes I am logged into the corresponding gamertag

A game save after restarting the game and playing a few races is 7MB not 49MB that is why I think I still have all my cars somewhere

Well I suspect part of the game is not recognizing the file, while the cached data saved on the console is reloading the state back when you start the game. There are a few things you can do;

Option 1; Power Cycle the console. This clears the Cache, memory used to save small amounts of data the console which helps it load faster (the way Win8 loads far faster than Win7).
How?: Hold the Power Button for 10 seconds to shut the console off completely and clear the cached data. (Your console may take slightly longer to Boot, until it saves the cached content again (after boot))

Option 2; Delete you game save from the console (locally) and then when you start the game again, it will re-download your save file (cars, progress etc.)
Highlight your game on the console.
Press Menu button and click Manage game.
Head to the right to find the saved data.
Click A on the saved data and you will be prompt.
Click “Delete from console” option.

This will erase the data from your console, but the data will be still stored in the cloud. As I said above, the data will be re-downloaded upon game boot :slight_smile:

Hope it works :wink: