Forza 5-Driver Difficulty Changing

Hi, so I was playing Forza 5 Free Play, Bernese Alps, the first track. (Driver Difficulty unbeatable, manual shifting no tcs or stm) So, I was assuming that if i got first place, i would get about double the normal money. However, after my 15 lap race was over, it said my driver difficulty added percent was -10%. While I was racing, I was absolutely sure that it wasn’t set to New Racer. Even after the race was over, I went to game option, and it said driver level unbeatable. This has only happened if I do more than ten laps. Is it because I am making to much money? Is the game putting a limit on the extra percent I can receive by driving?

Thank in Advance!

depends on the track i think. there is a 60k xp limit per race which all bonuses are based off of. but i dont think 15 laps at the alps should hit any limits. my suggestion…if you know it glitches after ten laps dont do more than 10 laps. do 3 ten laps races rather than 2 fifteens.

honestly i stopped paying attention to pay outs long ago. all ive been doing since feb is stacking up credits with nothing to spend them on so payouts are irrelevant to me. now i just play for fun when i play. i’m not sure if its an xbox wide glitch or just a corrupt variable stored on your hard drive. dont stress over credits, you’ll run out of stuff to spend them on anyway. many people have millions of credits they cant use. just have fun. you’ll have the credits to buy any car before you need that car if you do the career from left to right. i think that would been true even back when leveling payed half as much and the cars were more expensive even if you were using every assist. i never came close to not haveing over twice as much money and needed. i dont think you even needed to do the bonus events. and the garage icon in the buy cars menue means you aren’t going to waste money unintentionally buying duplicate cars anymore.

by the way wait until you are going to use a car before buying it. having every car just clutters up the "my cars"menu and makes it more tedious to get to the car you want.

Don’t worry about it. If you just keep playing you will have so many credits that you won’t know what to do with them. Getting new driver levels, working up affinities, and beating faster and faster rivals is the best way of stacking them credits. Racing in general seems to give moderate payouts.

Make sure to check out the Rewards section of this website. You might have some credits waiting for you to claim for simply playing the game. Edit: I just looked and I’ve already collected 13.8 million credits from this feature (Crazy!). Better go claim yours before the July rewards come out!

You might of backed out to the main menu or select diffrent race type. It will reset on you…