Forza 5 crashes after racing

My digital copy of forza 5 keeps crashing to dashboard on me after I race online. I’ve tried reinstalling, and cycling the consoles power. Nothing has fixed it. I can race for numerous races sometimes and other time it crashes to dashboard after every race. Has anyone else had this problem and if so how did you fix it.

I’ve seen many posts here but had never seen the issue - until last night. I was mid race at Leguna Seca and the screen turned black. I thought I lost power for a sec but the lights didn’t go out. Then the dashboard came up. I tried to load up Forza again but when I clicked A nothing happened so I did a hard re-boot. Then everything worked for a while but I got dashboarded again a few races later after a race. (I doubt I was voted out since I drive pretty clean but who knows…)

I also have the digital version - I doubt that has anything to do with it though
I use Wifi but surprisingly my connection has been fantastic for both FM4 and FM5 with zero lag. But it could be some kind of lost packet issue???
I have a really fast internet both upload and download but it’s possible my provider had issues
The xbox is plugged into a high end surge protector so doubtful its some kind of electrical spike.
was racing in R class lobby at the time

I’ve had this happen mid race but mainly just after a track has been selected. I don’t have a digital copy either so I don’t think that’s the cause. Hopefully will be fixed along with other issues in the next Forza as I doubt they will patch this now.