Forza 5 Add On Pack

Hi All,

I was thinking about buying the add on pack for FH5 that includes the welcome pack, vip and the two extensions. It’s currently on sale with 10% off for the next week or so.

I actually got the welcome pack for free because of a bug and the vip while it would be nice I’m not desperate for but as a whole the package is appealing.

I read these forums regularly but don’t contribute so I know you’re all knowledgeable so thought I’d ask.

Do you think the price will get cheaper if I wait or just get more expensive? I honestly have been sat here for the last 10 minutes deciding if I should buy it or not.

After the discount expires the price will return to it’s original price and will stay the same until the next sale. This will go on until reaching EOL. It’s really up to you. Maybe there will be a 60% or 80% off next Black Friday too.

I purchased the premium edition for FH4 but not for FH5 and I’m happy with both decisions. I will purchase it for FH5 after the expansion comes out and has positive reviews.

I think 10% off isn’t significant enough to be that concerned about.

The game is new and doing financially well. I doubt you’ll see a bigger discount for months. There’s often a Christmas-in-July sale. If the Add-ons bundle is included, the discount might be 25%. Only you can decide if it’s worth waiting six months to maybe save an extra $7.50. I won’t wait that long if I like a game. Life is too short.