forza 4

I can’t move cars from my garage to the auction house. but i can still sell the cars that are all ready in the auction house this just started this afternoon. it says can’t connect to forza 4 server. help please

I’ve had a few can’t connect messages tonight whilst trying to get on the leaderboards. Usually persistence has won out, i.e. just keep trying.

I still cannot move cars from my garage to the auction house on forza 4 is anyone having the same problem

Seems like the FM4 servers are down, tired or taking a break mate. Same issue here and had a message or two from UK Friends this morning - same with them.

I’m having the same issue, unable to put anything up for auction.

Connection to all of the game’s online capabilities seems to be spotty, really. When connected, I can look at everything, browse storefronts and the auction house as a whole, but I can’t add anything to my portions of them. I haven’t tried bidding on or outright purchasing anything, though. Suppose I maybe should have tried to see if that would work.

I’m relieved to know it isn’t just me having this issue, or just something to do with my potentially-pathetic Comcast/Xfinity cable internet…