Forza 4 servers be down again.

It seems like the servers have been up for the most part since yesterday. They go down every once in awhile. As far as the Clubs go, I have been unable to join, even though I was sent an invite from one of my friends. It seems that if you are already a member of a Club, they work fine. You just can’t join or create a Club.

There is another discussion here:

Should Make this a Sticky Thread :slight_smile:

Server still showing down for me and has been since my last post.

Servers down again. Jan 21 2018

Yep, it’s down again. We need someone over at Turn 10 to poke the power reset button on the server I think.

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It’s up at the moment

Servers on FM4 are still down on Feb 13 2018, but Horizon 1 are online work fine. Maybe the servers are just down for maintenance while they work on FM7 and FH3 servers? Who truly knows at this point.

It would be nice to have the usual official answer from someone :slight_smile:

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We have the usual official answer - the silence :slight_smile:


Unfortunately it’s true :frowning:

Servers apparently come and go. I claimed my forza rewards, then noticed I had money for a tune, collected it and went to my store front to see which one sold. While in my store, I got kicked out, saying server unavailable. Tried to get back in, same message.

Played a race in the event lust, when done, server was IP and I could get back in my store front again.

Do you have any news? I’m trying almost every day, but nothing to do :frowning:

It’s been on every morning I’ve been on, save for yesterday apparently. It’d been tracking days plate almost 10 days straight, but didn’t track yesterday, which would put me at 50… saga continues. If forza 4 and horizon car count would update, I’d be getting over 300 tier points.

In general, the FM4 server is almost always online, instead of the club no, which I can not create / enter clubs :confused:

Started last Thursday. Is there an admin we can contact directly to address the server being down? Probably would help rather than the admins having to dig through the forums.
Thanks in advance

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From the UK and the server is down it’s been down for about 2 weeks now

Yup, been a while here in Canada as well, figure it’s been about a week that I am aware of…no word from Turn 10…but then there never is…could this be the end of the road for this puppy???

Evertything down!

Including the clubs!

Please fix the servers Turn 10.

June 29


Two months and still no word if its been fixed it’s good that they do go back and fix these issues in the end but it really should not take to long a big company like T10 should have someone on standby if they need these servers fixed and flick the server back on for the FM2 auction house all the rest are still up and working last I checked