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Read These Guidelines Before Posting

The Forza Forums adhere to the Community Standards for Xbox, the Microsoft Services Agreement, and the Forza Forums Guidelines. Please take the time to read each carefully. By posting in the Forza Forums Suggestions category, you agree to abide by those terms as well as those outlined below. Failure to do so may see your posts and suggestions modified or deleted, with further enforcement action taken if necessary.

Our teams love reading your feedback and we’re excited to give you a dedicated place to share everything you’d love to see changed, added, or improved in Forza games. Please be mindful that not every suggestion can make it into game due a multitude of factors at play and because we will be taking the time to read and discuss your amazing ideas, we ask that you to please share them in a respectful and constructive manner. Doing so will always leave the best impression and ensures we can invite developers from across our studios to read your feedback.

Here are some more principles you should keep in mind before writing your post:

  • Never post personal information like your age, name, or email address.

  • Be an example of a great community member for others to follow. Do not engage in offensive comments or ideas. Instead, report them!

  • Don’t be abusive towards other people or their ideas – they only want to make the game better for everyone, just as you do.

  • To ensure the best possible experience for everyone, please do not post spam. This can include, but is not limited to: multiple, identical posts; commercial posts or advertisements; or personal ads for your site, videos or social media.

  • Stay on topic! This will ensure that your post has value to our teams and the community.

  • Avoid comparisons with other games unless necessary in explaining your point. It’s more helpful for us to understand how a feature can work in a Forza context.

  • Before creating a duplicate suggestion, search for existing threads on your idea. If your idea has already been posted, don’t forget to upvote it as this is crucial for learning which pieces of feedback are the most relevant to our community.

  • Keep your posts focused on one topic and submit ideas individually. If you have several ideas that you would like to share, please write a new suggestion post for each one.

  • Do not post any petitions or polls – the Forza Forums has a built-in voting system where you can upvote your favorite ideas.

  • Do not post comments asking others to vote on an idea.

Community Standards for Xbox: Xbox Community Standards | Xbox

Microsoft Services Agreement:

Suggestions Writing Guide:

Now that you know all the rules, it’s time to start voting on suggestions and writing your own! For some tips on how you get started, check out this Suggestions Writing Guide.