Forum suggestion: Split Wishlist threads into sub-forums

Those last two comments are show stoppers


Because what you would end up with is a thread request for every individual car, so instead of

you would get an separate thread for each car so that we can discuss their individual merits, the exact same would happen in the features subforum, and there would be the added bonus of people bumping their individual ideas on a daily basis so that their important wishes remained at the top of the forum where they obviously belong. Do we really need a thread asking for rain, another asking for hail, another asking for snow, another asking for sleet, another for tropical cyclones etc etc etc

Use forzafb to discuss how the forum is moderated (as Max already said). It is against the ToS to do otherwise. Anything further and I’m sure you know what happens.

Ok, so now your saying that moderators aren’t allowed to have an opinion on anything because they are moderators ? If this is the case can I point out that you are entirely wrong, moderators are allowed to have an opinion on whatever we wish and in the case of this thread which would directly impact on moderators obviously we have an opinion. First and foremost we are members of this community and have all the privileges that entails including having an opinion, however we are also subject to the same rules and regulations which are set out by T10, the difference is that we usually if not always abide by those rules.

Of course, moderators are allowed to have opinions, and are allowed to comment on topics of discussion.

My point is - when a moderator becomes so disinterested in the subject of the forum… when he displays his own lack of enthusiasm in public postings… when these personal opinions begin to negatively affect the community… if that moderator does not recognize that he should step down… the staff of the company for whom that moderator is volunteering should step in and correct the situation.

I never intended this to be personal.

You, WD, are the one who jumped in with:

  • “…we have more important/better/worthwhile/heck just other things to do…”
  • “…there should only be 3 or 4 threads in the FM6 section and it was far too early…”
  • [T10 should say] Yes, we’ve announced the next version far too early, but please don’t bother getting over excited about it…yet"
  • “…remove the ability for anyone to create threads…”

To me - and, I would imagine, to any impartial observer - those are NOT the comments / opinions of a FAN of the game. They are the laments of someone who is burned-out and really would prefer that nobody post anything on the forum he has volunteered to moderate.

So, go on and express your opinions. But, surely, you can see how a forum member reading those comments FROM A MODERATOR would feel discouraged, or even dissuaded, from attempting to participate in a discussion here.

“Go away and come back when I’ve decided it’s an appropriate time to feel excited about the game.”

And all this because someone suggested there should be less locking, fewer posts bundled into the vat of drivel that the Wishlists inevitably become and a few more threads for members to discuss - geez guys this is only a forum to discuss a video game or two. I’m not sure what’s happened to this “Forza community” I keep hearing about but can’t we at least try to lighten the mood here?

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You are correct and maybe I should have locked this thread after the 1st reply as its in the wrong place, discussing things that should be discussed, and written by someone who should/does know better but I like to try and leave threads open(where possible) in the hope they will lead to a positive outcome or better understanding…although you would think we (I) would rather than replying just edit the opening post to portray my opinions, lock the topic, then ban the user.

lol, no, these are the opinions of someone who thinks that “fans” of the game should still be concentrating their fandom on current iterations of the game rather than the next iteration which is still a very long time away. Its not that I don’t want people to post, its just I would rather they post in the current, relevant sections of the game.