Forum Boring these days ?

Is it just me or nothing much is happenning on the forum lately ?

It has slowed down but i think its because of titanfall. Hopefully it will pick back up shortly

Yeah, but titanfall have been released like what… 3 weeks ago ?

Be happy; on some other “dedicated” forums, there hasn’t been any activity at all except for some newcomers asking “how do I get a badge?”

I could pick a fight with someone to liven things up a bit if you want? :slight_smile:

Yeah, your fight with worm was about the only thing interesting in the last month.

definitely agree its getting very slow in here

Slow? It’s like a graveyard here. Pretty dead.

It’s dying slowly.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy browsing all sorts of forums, but if this is your idea of excitement you’ve completely boggled my mind.

How’s about a discussion about the next step, where will racing games be heading in the future? Well developers be pushing subscription titles at us? We already see expansion packs and the like so what will to keep both the devs earning money and the gamers sated?

Or we could just sit and lick the windows.

You mean… A wishlist thread ?

Not really, no.

Just a hypothetical ponderance; with escalating development costs, in that the time required to make, market and distribute a high end game, combined with the fickle nature of gamers is there enough money in releasing one title with a few updates and add ons or are we bearing witness to more cash for levels in gameplay? And if so, where will it end up in say ten years from now? Mmorpg forza?

Horizon 2 ? :stuck_out_tongue:

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that is one of the problems, almost everything belongs in a mega thread or some other board. there isn’t that much content in fm5 so everything already belongs elsewhere. i dont see the forum flood the mods are worried about.

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Bet if they offered a few more tracks or brought some more content back from Forza 4, wee’d see some more life here…just an opion

That would bring more to the game.
Would it really bring something different to the forum?

The amount of complaining has driven me away to another sim forum. Actually talking about game play is more enjoyable to read and interact with.

You nailed it. Too many cry babies. Kind of like what I’m doing now.
I find myself spending more time in the tuner’s lounge and looking at the amazing paints. I only popped in now to look at the “beat the Stig”

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