Forsaken Outlaw Motorsports Weekly Meets & Events!

Welcome everybody!

First things first, if you are a mature individual and like taking part in car meets and some fun events while also enjoying Forza Motorsport 7, read on. I am the owner/founder of Forsaken Outlaw Motorsports and I would like to host a weekly event for everyone to join and take part in each week. Each week there will be different car restrictions and event types. One week we may do 500hp roll drags on the Old Mulsanne straight at Le Mans, but the week after, we may be drifting at a different track. I plan to keep this event fun, and non-toxic, meaning I will not put up with people crying about dumb shit. This event is made with the idea of fun and different in mind. I also would like this to turn into a community for people to meet new players and expand their friends list. Below will be some other information about the weekly events.

The events will be held every Monday Night at 10PM EST (For Now)

Week 1’s Event Details:

40mph Roll Drags at the Mulsanne Straight.

Car Restrictions:
-600hp Limit
-Any Drivetrain
-No Engine Swaps

-No assists other than ABS

Below are ways to get in touch with me in order to take part in the events as well as help this event grow bigger.

My Gamertag: TurboJunky34

Add me and include a message mentioning the event so I know where you got my gamertag from.

Xbox Live Club: Forsaken Outlaw Motorsports

Make sure to join the Club if you would like to take part in the events. I will post the details for each event in the club 1 week before the event. For example, after Week 1 event has concluded, I will update the club with details for Week 2’s event and so on. Week 1’s details are posted above and in the Club.

My Twitch Channel: ThaAustinDecker

I will also be streaming the event live to my twitch account every week for the entire duration of the event. Make sure to leave me a follow and spread the word. Let’s make this thing come alive!

My YouTube Channel: Austin Decker

Check out my YouTube Channel for other content relating to Forza as well as other games I play.

That pretty much sums it all up and I look forward to seeing this thing come alive in the coming weeks. I know the first few weeks may not be that big or popular yet, but, I am hoping it becomes just as popular as my Forza Horizon 3 Street Outlaws event did, if not more popular. I also look forward to seeing you guys take part each week to keep the game fun until Forza Horizon 4 comes out. Most importantly to end this post, I would like to say thank you for showing interest in the event.