Formula E series: Drivers and Commentators wanted!

FEX is a Formula E championship that will be run on Forza Motorsport 7, the league is still in the development stages but we are looking to get a full grid before round 1.
So far we have 2 commentators 2 safety car drivers and 13 race drivers with 5 spaces available for the Venturi NIO and Teechetah teams. Along with this league, we will have a dedicated Youtube channel that will have race highlights and other segments and mini shows that we hope will immerse the drivers into our league and allow their friends and fans from around the world to watch. Along with this, we have a graphic designer involved that is creating custom helmets for each driver for driver profiles and qualifying graphics for the videos.

If you are interested in commentating but not racing that also can work as the more the better to keep the series flowing easily. We will be using repainted 2017 series cars so Renault, Mahindra, and the other teams that did not get a 2017 car on Forza will still be involved. Races will be on Fridays at 9:00 GMT and the series is looking to start around the end of February to the first week of March (no date yet as we are still building)

If you’d like to join or get involved with commentating or even helping out with the editing for our youtube videos (as our editor also has University it will help take of the work load) comment below or PM me.

i may be interested in a commentary role if that is possible.