Formula Drift car pack not working

I preordered the game as soon as it was available and have the pack installed on my xbox, but in-game it says i have not purchased the pack in the “DLC cars” list and I can’t use the cars at all. Any idea what i can do?

Note: all of the other items like car pass work perfectly fine, its just FD

So they’ve never worked? Preorder was a long time ago.

PC/console? Buyer/owner logged in?

Edit to add I see you say Xbox, is it set to home console? If it is and still isn’t working, try removing home console, you can always set it back later.

The pack has always worked until today, ill check to see if the home console fix works

If that’s the case, it may just be an Xbox live issue. Might be best to just check it for a couple days.

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lets hope so, i just find it weird that just that pack doesnt work

When you try to purchase, what does the store say?

And I’ve had random issues with live, for no apparent reason, when live says everything’s fine, but a couple hours later all is good.

on the store it says the pack is installed