Formula 1 Predictions Thread

In a way, it’s similar to what happened to Red Bull last year. Screwed up the setup after being one of the favorites coming into the weekend, and ending up with a poor result.

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Cold temperatures, that deathtrap of a pitlane exit, Mercedes likely in shambles yet again, brand new track and it’s a narrow street circuit, no data for anybody…

This race is going to be a complete s***show and I couldn’t be more excited. This is gonna be insane.

The racing might be terrible but I look forward to the chaos that ensues. Max will still win but this race will be absurd, even if the actual “racing” isn’t great.


I know how this will end, but I really really hope for Checo to do good. He’s great at street races.
(Please don’t destroy my dreams)


Out in Q2 instead of Q1?

Kidding. I think he may actually do well here. This seems like a track that will suit him and it will definitely suit the RB. At this point, finishing 2nd behind Max would be a great performance for him. His form has been better lately (Brazil and USA were strong races) so it’s definitely a strong possibility.


Well, so far Vegas is giving an ‘unique’ experience!


Massive hype followed by quick and expensive disappointment just sounds like a standard night in Vegas to be honest.

edited to add…

Word to the wise - DO NOT use the search term “holes being filled in Vegas” when looking for Carlos’ incident.



And the FIA a gives Carlos a penalty for the track destroying his car :man_facepalming:


I was shocked looking at the Practice, quali, and race times alone. This isn’t going to even last Stateside let alone everywhere else. Drivers racing during the freak-show that is Vegas during Saturday night/Sunday Morning. Not a good look lol.

I’ll watch the race if I can, I work this Saturday, so no quali for me :frowning_face:.

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In all seriousness, this should be a very interesting weekend. It’s already looking that way so far. Thankfully I’ll be able to watch the race Saturday, so that’s nice. Might be able to catch quali, we’ll see.


W T F? Poor Carlos. Dude gets a 10 place grid penalty because F1…didn’t make the track properly safe.

Make it make sense.

Merc is probably going to get P2, even though they likely would’ve lost it if Ferrari hadn’t gotten screwed. They’ll likely be terrible here and Ferrari looked like frontrunners. And Sainz will likely lose out in his fight for P4, which is a shame, as it’s been an incredible season for him.

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Basically the Stewards had their hands tied. They have acknowledged it’s not fair and that they would waive the penalty, but said they don’t have the authority under the regulations to derogate Sainz’s penalty. For that to happen, the World Motorsport Council needs to convene for the rules to be rewritten.

Stewards notes -

Does seem harsh on Sainz and Ferrari though, considering that’s an awful lot of damage in a cost cap era.


Wow. A Q2 exit that wasn’t Checo Perez’s fault? Uncanny…

I guess my joke “prediction” was right @PizzaEnjoyer685 :grimacing:

And a Leclerc pole, which as we know, means absolutely nothing.

Good session for Williams, they could score some big points tomorrow. How Bottas dragged that crapbox Alfa into Q3 is beyond me.

Fernando looked really promising in Q2, it’s a shame he’ll only start 9th.

And McLaren…ouch. I didn’t think they’d be great here but both cars out in Q1? Yikes.


:broken_heart: :broken_heart:


I’m very quickly becoming a Max fan now. Dude knows he’s untouchable and isn’t afraid to speak his mind on everything. He’s been dissing the organizers and event (and Toto) the entire weekend.

“Did you enjoy the track?”
Max: “No”

“I felt like a clown” - Max after the opening ceremony

“There’s no sprint race to find out”, “Those people live in their own world”

“A Formula 1 car anyway on a street circuit, I think doesn’t really come alive. It’s not that exciting. I think it’s more about just proper racetracks.”

I love this guy.

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Wakes up, looks at highlights, throws tantrum

What a race! Unfortunately I was so tired I couldn’t watch this one lol.

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Hah, I made it through. 10 to midnight for me. I was pretty tired by the end though, didn’t end up watching the post race interviews or the podium.

Really great race though. For as much as I’ve laughed at the Las Vegas weekend for the disaster it’s been, this was a very fun race.

Incredible drive from Charles, he did everything he possibly could have. Put up a fight with the Red Bulls for the lead of the race despite older tires and no absurd DRS, and still managed to get past Checo in the end despite older tires and an inferior car. It’s interesting how much the high downforce wing played a role on Checo’s race, he was struggling compared to Max and even Charles. Probably cost him a win.

Great drive from Ocon as well, P16 to P4 and drove an incredible race. Shame about whatever issues Gasly was having, that would’ve been an amazing points haul.

Shame for Williams not taking away any points, I expected a much better race from them. Their pace didn’t seem nearly as good in the race.

That was an insane drive from Piastri, world class right there. And some of the moves he was making were just fantastic. It’s really too bad he had to pit again to change compounds, he was in a great position and was really on the ideal strategy.

And once again, nothing can stop Max Verstappen. You throw three standing starts at him and multiple red flags, no problem, still wins. How about torrential rain and very tricky conditions on an already tricky track? Nope, still wins. How about starting 6th with a grid penalty? Nope, wins by 20 seconds. Or starting 6th and having brake issues…nope, still wins. And now a 5 second penalty, his teammate being in a better position to win, Ferrari suddenly having pace, and a very tricky new track with no data…

…still wins.


He’s in a league of his own. He says he’s after Valentino Rossi’s legacy, so let’s see how that goes. He already has the highest win percentage in a season all time. He had that last race, and he’s just building on that. Crazy that the RB19 has only lost one race all season. Max went absolutely psycho this year.


Still a bit shocked that this was probably the second best race this year after Zandvoort. The way the event was organized was a mess, Sainz’s penalty was completely unfair, and the fact that the manhole was even an issue in the first place is complete bull, but that really was a great race. Great overtakes throughout the whole race, a three-way battle for the win, faster cars qualifying out of position and having to slice through the field, safety car shenanigans, what’s not to like? Really fun race.

For me, my top 3 favorite races this season have been:

1 - Zandvoort
2 - Las Vegas
3 - Monza

We’ll see where AD slots in. But, Yas Marina is Yas Marina, so probably not anywhere near my top 3.


Yas is going to be another snoozefest. Perez and Max are going to dominate now that Perez has got 2nd place. He should be fine from here on out confidence wise.

Sounds like the RB20 is going to be another monster with Newey behind the helm. The focus is dealing with windy days, so I’m expecting it to be dominant in all conditions. If Max wins Abu Dhabi that will give the RB19 a 95% win rate beating the MP4/4 for the most dominant car ever. They’ll need that same luck with next years car to get close to that.

If max pulls this off we’ll be seeing the RB19 in every video game lol. Unfortunately they’ll all have to dial in understeer to make the car approachable to the average driver, hah!


Red Bull: Literally loses one race
Adrian Newey: “And I took that personally”


I doubt we’ll ever see a season like that again. If we do, the guys at Honda are going to be staying for a while which is good. Honda vs Mercedes vs Ferrari in who can make the most reliable power plant is going to bring a golden age in combustion engine technology. 22 races of hard driving, 21 wins, over 1,000 laps led, no breakdowns. Crazy!