Formula 1 Predictions Thread

Fun fact: Before 2021, Max had 10 wins. Today he took win #49 and is closing in on Prost for 4th on the all time list. So that’s 39 wins in the last 62 races. Which is 62.9% of possible wins. Absolutely insane performance these past 3 years.

Are we gonna talk about the heat and what the drivers went through today? Between this, and the tire/curb issues, WE SHOULD NEVER BE RACING HERE AGAIN. This is just plain unsafe. Logan had to retire because he was feeling unwell, Yuki tried to open his visor mid-race only to get a face full of sand, and George tried to do the same. Lance said everything was blurry for over half the race, Bottas said it was "torture as well, and Oscar called it “57 laps of qualifying” because there was no tire conservation necessary and the drivers were at 100% for the entire race. Lando said several drivers passed out in the medical center. Stroll, drenched in sweat, stumbled over to an ambulance after struggling to get out of the car and collapsed on the drivers’ door. Hell, Ocon threw up in his helmet on Lap 15. This is really bad for the health of the drivers, and just plain unsafe. Forget Singapore’s heat and humidity, this is another level. Imagine if someone had gotten heatstroke and lost consciousness at the wheel, which was honestly a huge risk. Is that seriously what will have to happen for the FIA/FOM to stop racing in this godforsaken country?

Edit: Albon was taken to be treated for acute heat exposure after struggling to get out of the car as well. What the **** are we doing? This is not okay!

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Yeah this is totally unacceptable.

Yeah, I heard about multiple bike tracks having these kerbs today after someone posted that same picture on YouTube. Interesting stuff. I’d still choose square geometry over triangular (SAWtooth) geometry any day, but that doesn’t seem to matter with bikes. It does matter with cars though, and any track that uses these kerbs should be banned from the FIA/FOM. That’s too dangerous.

No one wants to do a 2 hour qualifying session just because of poor engineering choices. If FOM hasn’t learned it’s lesson after today that’s just sad. No amount of money is worth a persons life.

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Yeah, who runs a business with intent to owe money rather than make it I suppose. This is what racing at the top level has always been about. There’s always a risk, drivers know what they’ve signed up for. Tough cookie.

Imagine doing that while pushing into the 1:24’s because you don’t have to look after tires. They had to push as hard as they could through it all. Anyone short of WDC/top experienced driver condition was fried.

Like I said no amount of money is worth the loss of human life.

Another Verstappen win, but this time one that left RB sweating for the last 10 laps with Lewis closing so quickly. Good job by Lewis, he was really putting the pressure on Max at the end. If Mercedes had pitted him a bit earlier, he might’ve won the race.

Good drive by Stroll? Never thought I’d utter those words. Good job by Tsunoda as well. Both managed to drag tractors into the points.

Another race, another Norris podium. Great job by him. I genuinely thought he would win the race up until the first pitstops.

What the hell is going on at Ferrari?! WHY DID THEY TELL HIM TO SWAP WITH SAINZ? They literally left him defenseless against Perez on ancient tires. What a disaster. The one stop turned out to be a useless strategy too, especially with Ferrari’s horrendous tire degradation.

Radio message of the day has to go to “PLEASE NO TALKING! I’M IN THE BRAKING!”

Edit: W T F?

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I was actually awake this part of the race to hear it.

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I posted this before those two were DQ’d, or at least before I saw it. Was pretty surprised when the first thing I saw on the F1 subreddit was “Hamilton and Leclerc disqualified”

I think they now need to look at the rest of the cars. Considering they are in the same car, we can be almost certain that Russell and Sainz would be DQ’d under this rule. Piastri and Perez would probably be safe. Actually, definitely Piastri since he only did 10 laps. Then they need to look at the other teams. I’d bet money that there are more teams than just Ferrari and Merc who had issues with the plank wear.

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This might be true, but with the limited practice I do think it was hard for them to find out exactly how much the floor would get worn. Especially if you dicide to slightly lower the car between FP1 and Q1, instead of having 3 practice sessions to figure out what is the best middle ground.
It’s in the rules, no discussions about that, but the circumstances weren’t ideal.



That’s it. That’s the post.


Checo just handed Ricciardo his seat on a silver platter…


One of my predictions is looking like it’s about to come true. Lewis splits Checo and Max unless Checo can follow through for the rest of the season. Mercedes looks to be the strong number two ahead of McLaren.

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Ferrari in shambles as usual.

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Ahh right, Ferrari rounds out the top 3 lol. Forgot about them.

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Alonso stirring the pot after his incident with Ocon. You love to see it.

He’s got a point though. And it’s causing me to genuinely dislike Ocon as a driver. Seems like he can never take responsibility for his own actions. Heat of the moment radios are one thing, but doubling down in an interview after the session? Really bad look.

He literally said “People say I lost the car, that’s not true”

How the hell did he come to that conclusion? Look at your own onboard, Esteban!


Agreed. Ocon was having that accident whether Fred was there or not. Fred was just unlucky to be on that piece of tarmac at that moment in time.

Not really a fan of Ocon’s TBH. Some of the moves he put on Fred when they teammate’s were borderline dangerous.

Enjoyed the Sprint though. Some good racing down the field.

I see Massa turned up too. Guess he’s on full attention seeking mode for the weekend then. :laughing:


Yeah, Nando was just an innocent bystander. He left Ocon more than enough room and Ocon just lost control and took himself out.

I hear Haas is exercising a “right of review” for the US GP after all the track limit violations at T6. Massa might use that as evidence that a result can be changed after the fact to try and get the championship he lost 15 years ago. :rofl:


Still no answer to rbr & MV.

Great drive by alo. Checo maybe could have been a bit smarter and passed him at the second drs zone but still.

Merc gone backwards all weekend. Oh well…


Utterly dismal display from Merc. Perhaps they should ask McLaren for one of their engines :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Alonso and his heroics defending from Perez just about saved the race from being the worst of the season.


Well that ending was wild. Great racing from Checo and Alonso. It’s nice to see Checo back to his old self, and it seems Alonso finally has a half decent car again. 0.053 seconds, absolutely wild. I thought there was no way Perez was going to get past Alonso (dude was probably destroying his tires) and then he did. I figured with the straight line speed of the Red Bull, Alonso wouldn’t get back past. Then he somehow did. Insane battle.

W T F is going on with Merc? Slower than Aston, slower than McL as usual, and somehow getting overtaken by an ALPINE and ALPHATAURI on pure pace? Only for Russell to retire anyway. Probably felt bad for him and had him retire to put him out of his misery. This was the track I really expected Merc to shine and they completely dropped the ball. Embarassing.


Merc were running the car higher than normal, so they wouldn’t get DSQ’d. They didn’t want to risk it like they did in Mexico.

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