Forever banned from forza ?

I got a message last year saying your gamertag has been banned for 20 years it was on forza horizon 1 on xbox 360

All i wanted to know is that can i play online if i bought forza horizon 2 or forza motorsport 6 with the same account ?

I have been sending mods and turn ten emails for a year now and no one replies.

Can anyone please help ?

Uhh okay, no more forza then i should move to ps4 , forza was my only hope in xbox one.

This is why whenever i send turn 10 a message they never reply i wanna buy xbox one with forza horizon 2 and i don’t wanna waste money on knowing that iam banned. I don’t know if iam banned from one title or no this is killing it was not my fault on first place, and they never reply to me i don’t wanna risk it.

Apologies for your frustration, however you should contact Turn 10 at

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