Ford GT Download (Free from Demo) & Multiplayer Issues

Searched for keywords but couldn’t find any other threads matching my issues.

Ford GT:
Bought FM6 Ultimate for XB1 on Friday then saw the “Featured” add to play the demo and get a Free Ford GT. Paused the FM6 install to download and play the demo and got the pop-up that my free Ford GT will be waiting for me. Completed the install and no message for the GT in Message Center so I played the demo again, relaunched FM6, got the gift in the Message Center this time but when I press A to download, nothing happens. I tired Restarting XB1, then after no luck there even fully deleted my save (bad idea because I lost the credits and cars earned from playing previous Forza games), uninstalled FM6 and all DLC and started over. All the same messages in the Message Center and I still cant download the Free Ford GT.

Multiplayer (Split Screen):
Playing split screen messing around with the Need for Speed Skyline racing the NFS Supra, tried to pit and the car pulled in crooked. When exiting the pit the car drove straight into the pit bay wall, then reappeared facing the outside wall and drove straight into that one before reappearing straight this time and redlining it in 1st gear all the way out of the pit. I tried again and the same thing happened every time.

Multiplayer (Online):
In the pre-race lobby, some other players cars photo won’t show when viewing other players. I get a similar issue when in the Get Tune screen. Not all car photos load across the bottom, not all stats show and not all descriptions show. If I back out and go right back into Get Tunes, it loads correctly.