Ford Formula Ecoboost

Hello guys, yesterday I bought the Ford Formula Ecoboost and I did it with the homologation, wasnt till this morning I started the champion I did notice that I miss something on the car. The aero pack, it seems the homologation take it off, the front wings and the rear spoiler, the other AI on the champion were the same.

Im just wondering, the homologation take off those parts just to get to the IP rating¿? Are they better in performance without the stock aeropack¿? Because all the parts are not adjustable.

Ty all

Real Formula Ford Ecoboosts don’t have aero by default.

Edit: or at least they didn’t as of when the car was introduced. Ford added them after the fact.

True, didnt search the car on google images to look at it but anyway leave it with the spoilers give any advantage on the game¿? Thats the only thing I never know about aeros on forza, ok some of them are not adjustable but they have any repercusion on the gameplay I saw some real performance spoilers as an option and not being adjustable.