Ford Capri Wanted-also details on unlocking

Looking to buy a Ford Capri FE on a SINGLE transaction (you have to be be a high rank tuner or painter). The car is unlocked if you reach the top level of ranked Team Adventure but I don’t have time to unlock it. My starting bid is 50 million.

Have a capri but not ledgenry

Also as legendary, you can set max 20M price

Even with max Painter you can only put cars up for 20million so your 50mil start bid would require 3 cars

Did not no the cap was 20 million, I will pay 20 million for a Capri and pay more on top with other transactions. Just trying my best to secure a Capri with out it being sniped.

So you’re wanting to buy a Capri for 50 million in a single sale? Lol good luck with that.

Anybody with Legendary rank willing to sell?