Forcefield AI

The AI drivers are beyond broken. They have something like an invisible forcefield which bounces me off like crazy. For example I’ll just be driving next to an AI and then out of nowhere without touching him, YEET, I get launched off of him and get a mile from the road.

This always happens when I’m playing together with a friend and sometimes in solo aswell. It’s unacceptable in a game of this caliber to have such bad AI/connection…

Will this ever be fixed???

In a solo too?

I’ve only had it happen twice in 2 years on XBox One S, and that could have been my controller stuck in the wrong position. Maybe your controller gets stuck in the wrong position? You could try recalibrating the controls in FH4.

As i understand it, ‘force’ is caused by network lag, and is a matter of where the car is according to the server system, vs. where your system says it is - network lag seems to exist no matter connection status just due to where you maybe vs were server is. I.e. some what unavoidable.

For myself, only occurs in solo (but online - live) when my connection is bad, for whichever reason, only other wise see it in the Trial, and games (less so in games, and when it occurs in games it is a case of “you didn’t tag me at all according to my screen”).

That is all.

I get AI force field pushed out plenty of times in online mode.
Last was Windfarm trial circuit on a downhill section from the start, on slight right bend, before 90° right hander. Took the inside line past drivatar and I was flung away at almost 90° past checkpoint and some trees, into infield. Considering the speed and that I had my finger on turn right key (PC+ keyboard driver here), there is no way that car could suddenly find magic grip to do that.

Guess its some sync problem/lag, not sure if there is a solution except turning off the collision.