Force Feedback steering wheel clunk bug with Super 7 Update

On Series X with Thrustmaster TX firmware v56

The Super 7 update has introduced an awfully annoying clunk in the force feedback when the wheel is at center and the turning force changes from left to right and vice versa. It makes it feel like there is something broken on the car’s steering linkage. I have tried playing with all of force feedback advanced settings but I cant seem to dial it out. I have also tested on FM7 and Horizon 3 on the Series X, neither of these other games have this problem, they feel flawless. Im not sure what they ‘fixed’ in this update as I didnt have any problems with the force feedback steering until now.

Anyone able to find a setting that fixes this or are we just going to have to wait and hope they fix it in another update?

My current settings:
Steering Axis Deadzone Inside: 0
Steering Axis Deadzone Outside: 100
Vibration Scale: 5
Force Feedback Scale: 35
Center Spring: 0
Wheel Damper Scale: 30
Force Feedback Understeer: 15
Force Feedback Minimum Force: 70
Wheel Rotation: 900

I have a question for you people using a steering wheel, how do you cope with the excessive snap oversteer in rwd cars?
I end up playing with the controller, because when using a wheel its impossible to drive them properly.

I accept that I be a bit slower by using a wheel, however I find it immensly more enjoyable to drive with a wheel and pedals, as far as the oversteer goes, it’s all adjusting throttle and gradually accelerating and lifting off, hours and hours of practice in the same car makes you anticipate the sudden oversteer as well.
It’s not possible to just drive full throttle through corners and stick to the road, so I know my times will always be a bit slower than I might achieve otherwise, the driving experience more than makes up for that in my opinion, others will disagree no doubt.

You should spin the wheel quickly in the direction of the slide and then quickly back to center as the cars starts to correct just as you would in real life.

Verify that the OS is current on the XBox. When ever I encounter a problem with the driving wheel I have found the OS needs to be updated. I have a TX servo base also.

Verify that the OS is current on the XBox. When ever I encounter a problem with the driving wheel I have found the OS needs to be updated. I have a TX servo base also.

I dont believe you can go online to download game updates unless the Xbox OS is up to date.

The wheel works flawlessly on Forza 7.

Super 7 update on the Series x introduced a clunk when the force switches from left to right and vice versa.

Also happens when the car is stopped and moving the wheel near center. It’s jarring at high speeds, feels like my wheel or the car is broken.

I just hooked the One X back up and the force feedback is perfectly smooth, natural, and realistic. The bad force feedback clunk is only on the Series X version.


I saw we just got a 700mb update and got hyped it might be fixed but no, its still present.

So I can get the bug to rapidly glitch by sawing the wheel near center when the car is stopped, it’s not super consistent, like every two or three sawing motions I can get it to spike the force feedback and create that annoying thud. I can press the Xbox button to pull up the guide and the wheel has the generic spring to center force and there is no glitchy spikes in the force to be found.

It’s so nice to fire up the One X and and drive with perfect force feedback and then so dissapointing to get on my new Series X and get nagged by this annoying bug.

I got a nice response that said they are working on this problem and in the mean time turning the Dampening all the way to 0 will get rid of this particular force feedback glitch.

Need my dampening back but this current workaround is much more livable than the glitch.

I have Xbox Series X, Thrustmaster TX Leather edition, FW 56.00
First important things - The steering wheel must be set in CONTROL PANEL in PC (has a great influence on the feeling and behavior of the steering wheel).
Settings in CONTROL PANEL :
Rotation/Angle - 340°
Overall Strength of all forces - 58
Constant - 50
Periodic - 50
Spring - 50
Damper - 50
Auto-Center Settings - by the game

Settings in game:
Steering axis deadzone inside: 1
Steering axis deadzone outside: 100
Vibration scale - 0
Force Feedback scale -25
Centre spring scale - 0
Wheel damper scale - 113
Force feedback understeer -0
Force feedback minimum force - 0
Wheel rotation angle - 900

Steering - Normal
Traction - Off
Stability - Off

Settings in Wheel:
press dpad arrow + mode button until led flashes 4x

View from the cockpit without a steering wheel

Maybe it will help someone

3 Months and many updates later and this damper bug still exists on the Series X. Game killing for me.

Doesn’t bode well…

I found the release notes for the Super 7 update and in it says:

“Fixed issues with throttle input, steering input, and force feedback on Xbox One Series S/X when using wheel and pedal peripherals”

Whatever they “fixed” seems to have actually broke it and its been broken for over 4 months.

I have been going back and forth between my One X and Series X and the One X version feels so much better. It seems like there is much more force feedback information, and less lag maybe on the One X? I feel connected to both the road and the car on the One X while the Series X feels loose, sloppy and numb.

So its a choice of playing on my new $500 Series X with 60fps 4K and hating the feel of driving, or switching over to my old One X to play 1080p 60fps but at least the cars feel great to drive. :[

Did this ever get fix because this sounds like the same problem i have.