For God's sake stop relying on FOMO

Give us more ways to unlock the “exclusive cars” other than “play now or you’ll never get them unless you pay inflated prices on auction.”

Same goes to FM (minus the auction part).

Even if you introduce grindy challenges, at least that’s an alternative other than “play now or it’s gone”

Yea but fomo is the only way they keep their numbers up. Saying “we have x amount of weekly players” sounds good to investors and all that blah blah blah. You just dont tell them those numbers are only on the thursday and by Wednesday the numbers have dropped by 2/3 because everyone did the grind so they dont have to play forza and can play something nore enjoyable


they have multiple cars locked behind multiple paywalls in a game specifically about cars ALONG WITH payed dlcs. theyre greedy they dont care about the players just the money.