For Fox Ache November gallery update

This month i have mostly been painting a rock icon, a jungle giant, 80’s horror flick icons and a quick 10 minute bit of fun, so now i proudly present to you guys and gals my 80s horror GTR using the heads from my hells angels transit and the owl from my halloween bash entry (yeah sure i know its a cheating frankenstein of a design but hey ho its my gallery)

GetPhoto-8 by eliotpoulter, on Flickr

GetPhoto-9 by eliotpoulter, on Flickr

Following the owl attempt my wife suggested i did some animal and nature pictures so here is my Forza Monkey Sport on jeep wrangler

GetPhoto-5 by eliotpoulter, on Flickr

GetPhoto-4 by eliotpoulter, on Flickr

After a frustrating day with the kids playing up i had a few concentrating problems and needed a quick releases from trying too hard so i made a quick 10 minute paint to have fun with and unwind

GetPhoto-7 by eliotpoulter, on Flickr

My final picture for the month is a tribute to one of the biggest influences on my life and the biggest influence to my failed music career and possibly the biggest music icon since the Beatles,

Kurt Cobain on a 458 i might try it on a grunged out rusted datsun (just seems a bit more fitting than a brand new ferrari)

GetPhoto-6 by eliotpoulter, on Flickr

He’s still a bit of a work in progress but its close enough for now, so all in all that was my november plus a couple off weeks of to finish assassins creed unity

Now my to do list includes a lion, a tiger, jimi, dave grohl and so so much more

I like that gtr mate so nice work here always wanted to do a fantasy paint just lack the talent in that dept lol
Can’t wait to see some more

Thanks DJ but I disagree with you it doesn’t necessarily take skill or talent (especially in my case) it just takes time, enjoyment and an eye for detail, I do all my pictures (let’s be honest they’re pictures not designs) free hand and not with the grid method cos i don’t want them to be picture perfect but that’s just me and my way