FNK | SimplyFunky - Est 2012 (Looking For New Members)

What’s up Joshii? Mind making a sig for me?? If so, I’ll get you the two images I would like in the banner.

can do.

Hell yea buddy. I’ll get you the images tomorrow. Thank you in advance my dude.

no probs, next few days are going to be hectic for me so, can’t promise a quick turnaround

I would like to join your club/crew, I drift Rwd only, usually lower horsepower 400-600. I do my own tunes

were no longer accepting members due to issues with my health, sorry

You guys still recruiting?

we’ve put recruiting on hold for the moment, as I’m away from home at the moment. We should be recruiting in a few months

can i join ?



Why am I only seeing this now? :open_mouth: Hi guysssssss

Hello Evan!!!

Looking for some new people to drift!!

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You guys still looking for members???