FNK Hakoderp - [UPDATE] - SET #4

Never really bothered too much with uploading pictures to the forums but Horizon 2 is too pretty not to! Let me know what you think positive/negative feedback welcome if you feel it’ll help.

  • Enjoy -





I know my first set is filled with BMW F10 M5 pictures but I just wanted to make my first post someway substantial.

Awesome start, Evan! Nice to see your gamertag is being censored as usual in the title too haha.

I hate my life!! Think it might be time for a name change or see can something be done about it lol

Very nice start, lots of quality shot in your first set (my favourite one has to be that close-up shot, love the lighting’s work on the headlight)

Strange, I didn’t know the forums had a language filter that could also work for italian swearing LOL

Ohhh that’s why it’s doing it… I didn’t realise it’s an Italian swear word :frowning:

Nice start! Try to make Some pictures of different places , That make it a little more interesting.
I hope you understand what i mean, my englisch is not so good :wink:

Thanks dude I know what you mean and I’m working on getting more cars and locations photographed :slight_smile:

Awesome photos! Love this -

<3 Thanks dude!

Out of all the shots my personal favourite has to be this one.

Decided to try some B+W shots of the Dodge Viper at the airstrip. Feedback appreciated.

Nice set, the last two are probably my favorites.

OK, great start with the M5 shots, i agree with varying the locations to make it more interesting.

Black and whites of the viper are to die for!

And your last set is great! Nice to see some different shots, my faves from set#3 - the 3rd Audi with sunset and the brembo brakes, sublime stuff, keep it up! ;D

Love it

Love the 2nd F40 shot.

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

Lovely use of contrast in the Viper set, I like the 2nd from the last in that group of pictures.

On your third set I like the close up of the wheel/brakes, what a lovely capture

Hakoderp flows of the tongue really well :stuck_out_tongue:

I needed to change it to get the quick links to the sets working because Hakosuka is censored so it wouldn’t work lol… Thanks for the kind words dude!! :slight_smile: