FM's monthly content plans

In a game where the devs supposedly want us to “have a relationship” with our favorite cars, that’s a bad reason.

I think it isnt bad reason. I’m car enthusiast and i usually drive my fav cars when play free game mode. Probably after i complete Career mode i will focus Lmp Gt3 Touring cars to level up and collect.

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It is if your favorite car is unavailable to you because the only option to get it was while you were on vacation, or working over time, or in the hospital, or any other reason. It just makes the game into a chore, and punishes you for doing anything else with your time.


looks like all the timed exclusive content will keep everyone so busy that building up car xp and credits will have to wait. looks like we will continue to drive their spec cars for a while cause single player will have to wait.
i don’t have that much time anymore so i’ll just miss out on a bunch this time! bummer…

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Wrong. If we were playing World of Warcraft its true but we dont.

Uh, no, that’s exactly what it means to have time gated content that isn’t available all the time. Play on their schedule or be punished for it.


I remember it taking several months or more for a missed car to return as an unlockable in previous titles. Not excited for a repeat of this process.


These series do not have to be completed in a particular week – you have until 2 weeks after the end of the entire tour to complete it; this gives players more flexibility to enjoy the content at their own pace.

I think it is enough time to get cars.

Enjoy New Content Every Month with Forza Motorsport’s Evolving Racing Platform


You are free to think that. I and many others do not.


You too.


Not how I’m reading it. Seems to me when the event where you earn reward cars — the Acura ARX-05, for example — is done, that’s it for that car. Welcome back unicorns! Yay! :roll_eyes:


This is my issue exactly. Not surprised, but it’s pretty clear that one of the reasons T10 do stuff like this is because the edict has come from on-high to “gently encourage” users like me to upgrade their system ASAP. The way this is you miss an upgrade, you miss content.

What T10 seems not to realize is that if you think about it, this could be seen as them saying “our game’s not good enough to keep players engaged. So we bait them with time-locked content.”

Grrrrrreat call.


Yeah that’s my read too. Reward cars only being obtainable by completing all the steps within the alotted time and no other way.

Would they ever run another event where that car is obtainable again? Hope so.


Yep. Sounds like more time gated nonsense. I don’t see any other way of reading it either.
Also, always online, which benefits them, not us. They seem to have forgotten about the launch of the Xbox One and peoples reaction to that. They don’t seem to care about customer satisfaction anymore.

This is “Goodbye” to the Forza franchise from me. I had hoped that they wouldn’t ruin this series too. They don’t make these games for us anymore.

4 days after announcing the monthly update, sales on Steam picked up. FM23 now ranks 6th best seller game with sim racing filter applied passing ACC and F1 Manager. Less than a week ago was 12th.

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Not all PC racers want to go “full sim,” but unfortunately, PC gamers haven’t had many good simcade options.
Fertile ground for Forza.

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It shows that this announcement along with the 4 minutes video is more effective than the game play preceeded it.

Things almost slipped away with Mitsubishi EVO on one of the tracks reveal followed by negative responce to upgrade system. The game stayed at 12th position for 11 days. Now sales picked up on Steam becoming 6th in the genre and 90th best selling overall.

I hope this trend continues :pray:.

True, our choices very limited. Either arcade or brutal simulators. Forza is the exception, reasonably balanced between two extremes.


So my reading is that there are 2 reward cars which are exclusive per month?

At least to complete this it doesn’t seem too bad i.e. you don’t have to win the races.

This and FH5 playlist could be quite time consuming if you want to do both and get the Reward cars from both but luckily this seems more straightforward.

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I’m still scratching my head trying to understand how this puzzle works.

4 racing series + showcase in featured single player monthly. In addition to 4 or more class based racing series every week.

I don’t know if BuildersCup includes some of these or it has separate parallel progression line.