FM7 Multiplayer Private Lobbies Instability in Australia & New Zealand since Thu 18th Mar

Has anyone else noticed instability in private lobbies since last Thursday 18th mar?

Multiple Australia & New Zealand groups have been unable to run their usual race meetings - has been happening since around 10pm AEDT Thu 18th Mar, and continued over the weekend

Either lobbies fail to start at all (unable to reach game server or similar error) , or after a lap all two all lobby participants are disconnected simultaneously

Issue only seems to be affecting private lobbies - public hoppers seem to be working fine

Not just you guys, Canada, the US, Europe and Britain, all the same.

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ah man that sucks… we had reports of people getting races to work via US-based hosts, but i guess that was just a fluke

anyone heard anything from Turn10/Microsoft about it? Any chance they read these forums? :crossed_fingers:

We are having the same problems on FM6.

Yep, having issues in the UK too for the last week or so. Sometimes we manage to get into a lobby, but the race connection will time out after a lap or two. It’s impossible to complete a race at the moment - really frustrating!