FM7 failing to launch on PC, any help or suggestions

Hey guys,

I apologize if this is an old or redundant topic, but I picked up FM7 because of how much I loved FH4 and I can’t get this game to go past the splash art. I’ve tried every solution short of reinstalling Windows 10. Given the fact that in 120 hours I have never had an hair out of place on FH4 offline or online, I am at my wits end. I have spent two hours with Xbox support on the phone, another two hours on the chat with support, another two hours with Microsoft support and they all reffered me to the Forza support page where I open two tickets, got them merged and haven’t heard anything in about a week.

I assure you all my Nvidia drivers are up to date and have been installed and reinstalled multple times and that I am using the most up to date version of Windows. I don’t know what to do and I would appreciate any help or guidance that can be offered.

i7 9700F @ 3.00GHz
TUF B365M-PLUS GAMING Motherboard
Samsung 16GB DDR4-2666(1333 MHz)
EVGA GeForce RTX 2060
and I have the game installed on a 2GB Samsung T5

Talking to microsoft support is like talking to a brick wall. They’ll fix nothing and the only thing you’ve managed to do is waste your own time. Also i’m convinced that creating a ticket with turn 10 just goes straight to the recycle bin anyway.

I seem to get something like this happen to me every now and then. I try to load FM7, a black window will open up and it looks like the game is about to fire up, but then the game just shuts down with no error messages to why.

If this is the same problem that you’re suffering from, then i may have a quick solution. You will need to uninstall a car pack (or a single car) from the games “App add-ons & downloadable content” and then re-install that car pack. That’s pretty much it

On windows 10:

Click start → Settings → Apps → Select Forza Motorsport 7 → Advanced options → scroll down and select a car or pack, then click uninstall

Now try to fire up the game and hopefully this should now work. You can easily re-install the car or pack again by going to the microsoft store, search for Forza Motorsport 7 and click “show all” next to “Add-ons for this game”

If this fails to get the game to start, i would try the Forza discord server. Turn 10 won’t help you but the community will. Plus discord is far more active than these forums